Material Data Upload

Download template data

Body Pillow Cover template files can be found here
Tapestry template files can be found here


Regarding file size and file types

Please compress the upload the file.

(File Type: zip/lzh/sit etc.)

Maximum upload file size is 500 MB.

*For files over 500 MB, please split them into multiple parts before uploading.

Regarding file name

Please use roman letters and numbers for the compressed file name.

For the compressed file name, please append with the character name or your name.

Or choose a file name that is relevant to the print request.

Upload Time

100 MB: 5~10 minutes

200 MB: 15~20 minutes

500 MB: 40~50 minutes

*Upload speed may change due to internet speed and connectivity status


Tracking Number (Order Number)

E-Mail Address

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